RFID Readers


A radio frequency identification reader (RFID reader) is a device used to collect information from an RFID tag by radio waves, which is used to track items.

RFID is a technology similar to bar codes. However, unlike barcodes, the RFID tag does not have to be scanned directly and individually, nor does it need a direct alignment with a reader. The RFID tag must be within the range of an RFID reader, which ranges from 1 to 100 meters, in order to be read. RFID technology allows many items to be rapidly scanned and allows fast identification of a certain product, even if it is concealed.
There are two types of RFID readers:

Fixed RFID

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Mobile RFID


Tragging Alien Mobile RFID reader RFID Readers RFID Readers Tragging Alien Mobile RFID reader

The difference is indeed obvious as the names indicate. While Fixed RFID readers are placed in stable positions, devices that can read RFID tags on the move are Mobile RFID reader.

Moving on to the tags, of which there are three types. Active and semi-active tags operate through a battery, more costly and can be read from a distance of 30 meters or more. Passive tags on the other hand don’t have a source of power, are cheaper but can only be read within a distance of 6 meters or so.
RFID tags have been utilized in Passports, Animal identification, Inventory systems and Hospital Operating rooms etc. So that’s about how much RFID is actually penetrating every aspect of our lives now.

In essence, RFID is surely playing an essential role in our daily life. Tracking goods and products will enable companies to acquire information on the exact locations of the products and how many of them are being sold every day. On the other hand however, issues like how deep the RFID invasion should be or security concerns should be tackled. However, there’s no denying that RFID is definitely one technology that is going to rule the world within the few years to come.