RFID tags come in different types, frequencies, shapes and sizes to fit all spectrum of industries and all sorts of products in order to tolerate different environmental conditions & applications.

Here is a list of the different types of RFID tags that could be used in countless applications:



Short (SH) ALN-9662
Squiglette (ST) ALN-9630
Squiglette (ST) ALN-9630
SquiggleTM (SQ) ALN-9640
Squig (SG) ALN-9610
G Tag (G) ALN-9654
BAT (BAT) ALN-9770
Wonder Dog ALN-9768

Alien Inlays RFID Tags

This variety of RFID Tags is well proven design for a broad range of world wide applications, very robust general purpose and low cost RFID tags.

Best applied in high dielectric environments for ultimate robustness and perfect results.

These RFID Tags are best applied to track assets and items such as office furniture, pallets, cases, baggage, apparel tags, bags and boxed items.


– Short (SH) ALN-9662                 2.756” x 0.669”      /      94.8mm x 8.1mm
– Squiglette (ST) ALN-9630          2.756” x 0.37”        /      70mm x 9.5mm
– SquiggleTM (SQ) ALN-9640      3.732” x 0.319”      /      94.8mm x 8.1mm
– Squig (SG) ALN-9610                 1.752” x 0.409”      /      44.5mm x 10.4mm



These RFID Tags are designed for high read and write performance when applied thin high-dielectric materials, especially these dielectrics contain challenging materials like metal and water based fluids.

They are most commonly used on high density plastic totes, windshields, batteries, fluid filled objects, plastic containers, metal filled objects and uncomplex electronic devices.


– G Tag (G) ALN-9654                   3.66” x 0.748”        /      93mm x 19mm
– BAT (BAT) ALN-9770                  3.25” x 1.25”          /      82.5mm x 32mm
– Wonder Dog ALN-9768             3.51” x 1.03”          /      86mm x 23mm





Omni-ID Flex

Inlays Omni RFID Tags Family


Inlays Omni RFID tags are designed specifically to enhance performance and optimize reading range on metallic surfaces, as they can overcome all kinds of electric and magnetic fields disruptions.

Omni RFID Tags are mostly applied on electronic devices and computer accessories as they are usually embedded into all kinds of equipment at the manufacturing stage. 
They can also be applied on all metal and non-metallic surfaces, office equipment, furniture and all kinds of assets that could be tracked.


– Omni-ID MAX             3.15” x 1.18” x 0.15”     /     80mm x 30mm x 3.8mm – Omni-ID Flex              3” x 0.6” x 0.11”            /     77mm x 15mm x 2.8mm