Tracking Fixed Assets just got easier!

Tragging Fixed Assets® RFID software allows Asset Managers to efficiently perform regular physical inventories.

Tragging Fixed Assets® Benefits


Avoid lack of confidence in data integrity


Track and manage fixed assets periodic maintenance schedule


Eliminate fixed assets theft and loss


Monitor fixed assets life cycles through ultimate visibility


Track the warranties of the fixed assets


Cut expenses of lost assets and time consuming operations


Ensure all fixed assets are in their right locations


Reduce time wasted in physical counts operations

Tragging Fixed Assets® Software 

Tracking Fixed Assets just got easier!

Tragging is the leading RFID solutions developer, with our newest software release Tragging Fixed Assets®. This software is considered the ultimate solution for companies seeking a better accounting process and fixed assets tracking. Now, tracking the location, condition, quantity, maintenance and depreciation status is all within your hands.

% reduced cost
% visibility of all assets
% misallocated assets
Secs to scan 9 SQM

Tragging Fixed Assets® Features

Maintenance schedule

Maintenance Schedule makes it easy to see when a fixed assets or piece of equipment is due for service at all times

Custom Fields

a user-definable field that can be created in different lists and which can be used to store information, up to 30 characters per field

Colors Indicator

Software uses a Color Indicator based approach and it projects all information on a distinguished dashboard

Advanced Data Import

Or Mapping Import, it is easy to import data from excel sheets without the need of any interference from other software thus reducing time and costs

Pinpoint RFID

A feature that prohibits RFID reader from reading tags that are outside the room in order to accurately confine assets inventory to each room separately

Visual Interaction

In order to help our customer take full advantage of our offered system, the solution we propose relies on the Visual Interaction with the user

RFID Solution100%
User Friendly95%